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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

I’d say Taylor was one of the nicest guys that has done maintenance on our system. He was pleasant and friendly and eager to get started. He answered all questions we had and gave us a no-nonsense reply. Most of all he was professional and likeable without being hurried. He was like a son and not just a technician. Great job Taylor, hope to see you at our next service.

Ronnie F.

Nick did great. As soon as we told him what the thermostat and furnace were doing, he started to work. He was polite, friendly, intelligent and it did not take him long at all to find what was wrong. He went under the house to check on the drain pipe which was stopped up with leaves. He had to cut that part out and put a new part in. He explained all he was going to do and when it was done. I love Ireland Heating and Cooling and am one satisfied customer. Nick was great young man who knows what he is doing and gets it done.

Johnny C.

Michael was very professional, attentive, listened to what I wanted and needed. He explained everything as he went along until I understand. He certainly makes a great asset to your company.

Ronald H.

Taylor did an excellent job. He explained what he was going to do. He also let me know about two capacitors that were weak and that at some time they would need to be replaced. I choose to replace them now vs waiting.

Dollye S.

Jose did a great job. Easy to deal with and got everything working fine. I am cool and happy.

Ronald T.

Joe is always awesome. He’s polite and knows what he’s talking about. We always love it when Joe shows up. Thanks for always being there for us.

John H.

He was very thorough and explained everything to me. I was impressed by his professionalism. I got the maintenance plan he recommended. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who may need it.

David W.

Excellent work. Great customer service.

Shirley M.

Nick was very polite and told us what he found during the service. As always thanks for your services for the last 57 years.

Zane C.

These guys are absolutely the best! Consummate professionals! I’ll be glad to provide you with the rating they deserve!!

Hannah L.

Jose did a very professional job. He was also very helpful giving me instructions on my system. Very polite and very nice personality. Thank you for your quick service.

Margaret M.

Taylor did great! He was very professional, explained his procedures, informed me of his findings, educated me on the systems operations & best practices, clarified how our maintenance program works from now on. I have to say, I felt well taken care of. Thank you Taylor!

Paul S.

Nick who did a masterful job and is greatly appreciated for his professional demeanor.

Joe L.

I really appreciate Nick and how knowledgeable he was about the system.

Julie T.

Jose did an excellent job!! FIVE STARS – professional, prompt, courteous, respectful, and patient.

Larry T.

Taylor did excellent and professional work, explaining the system. We are completely satisfied with his work, looking forward to seeing him in the Fall.

Jack H.

Amazing job thank you….they all were very pleasant and did an awesome job

Leslie H.

Jose did an outstanding job...fixed a problem that I didn't even know I had....very thoughtful...just outstanding issues... would recommend again to anyone.

Michael M.

Taylor did a great. Thanks for sending the brief bio sketch on him. He’s very knowledgeable, polite and engaging.

Robert W.

Very attentive to making sure everything was working as it should.

Jim C.

Nick did an excellent job. I was extremely pleased with his knowledge and professionalism.

Tom R.

Jose was very personable, but yet, appearing knowledgeable in his craft. Appreciate his input so much as I have just moved into this condo.

Jane T.

Taylor was very nice and polite. Explained everything he was doing. Recommend Ireland to all.

Janet F.

As always your team is friendly and efficient. Thank you. ??

Jill M.

Taylor was excellent, courteous and professional. Explained everything he did and the results.

James B.

Nick took GREAT care in servicing our equipment. We believe he has been one of your best. He was very efficient and took all the necessary precautions.

Mike W.

He did good. He’s always very professional and nice. I’ve got heat again, yeah.

Janet N.

Great job. Well pleased. Thanks.

Thomas L.

Taylor was very polite and professional – thank you!

David S.

Jose did an excellent job as always.

Barbara R.

Showed to be a professional. You should hang on to him. Look forward to seeing him again.

David H.

Good job, very professional.

Patrick M.

Outstanding job. Thanks Jose.

Shirley M.

He was very good and did a great job. Very professional.

Elisa G.

Nick was very efficient and knew exactly what he was doing. Very friendly and helpful. I had a question and he explained and showed me how to do it. Thank you for your helpfulness, Nick!

Mary E.

Excellent service, very professional technician

Malcom P.

Michael and his assistant provided superb service in all aspects of the installation of my ductless heating and AC system. Once again Ireland Heating & Cooling provided fantastic service.

Robert W.

Great! Explained everything and worked efficiently.

Jim C.

Jose was super

Marjorie L.

He did very well. He answered all my questions and explained everything to me. Thank him for his patience and having the time to detail everything for us. He was a very nice young man. Thank you, Ireland, for being there when we needed your service.

Leroy S.

Nick did an excellent job and I’m satisfied with the job he did and I would recommend him anytime.

Regina A.

Michael did a great job. He’s a very nice man.

Vicki P.

Technician was very polite and explained everything to me!

Janet F.

They were wonderful, professional, courteous, and knocked it out in little time.

Jericho H.

You all are always quick to respond, and your guys are always polite and professional.

Amber M.

Nick did an outstanding job.

Earl K.

Excellent work after unforeseen problems

Stephen M.

Very pleased with Kris’ service. Thank you!

John S.

Professional service

Gene H.

They were extremely helpful and patient with answering all my questions

John C.

Better than excellent!!

Kevin P.

Very professional

Harold T.

Kris & Josh were very professional and explained what I was getting and which switch to flip if it ever doesn’t “run like a train”!

Charlie K.

Excellent on service and very informative.

Josue Q.

Richie does a great job every time!

Don S.

Quick, no mess, no fuss!

Donald D.

I rate the technician Eli for 5 along with his helper. I include their supervisor Joe in that rating as he was helpful in answering all questions put to him. All were most professional and helpful. Thanks!

Edward O.

Kris is the best!

Larry H.

Excellent! Both men were very nice and helpful. Explained everything very well. Thank you for the quick, efficient service.

Bradley J.

Very satisfied.

Mary E.

Both Eli and his helper were most professional and helpful and really work well together. Couldn’t ask for any better experience. They even went above and beyond any reasonable expectations by helping me move two boxes into the house that had been delivered onto my porch. Thanks and let them know that I REALLY APPRECIATE their work!

Edward O.

Prompt and professional. Thanks so much!

Adam P.

Richie always does excellent work.

Larry T.

Eli was kind, courteous and efficient.

Jill M.

Kris was very professional and did quick work.

Kim T.

As always, I got excellent service.

Mary B.

Richie was excellent and was very informative about explaining everything he was doing. I hope he comes back when you have the parts to complete the job. Thanks.

Chris B.

I recently chose Ireland Heating & Cooling to install a new system in my home. My family and I suffered much discomfort from the summer heat when my old cooling system failed. We decided to get several estimates from different companies. Ireland Heating & Cooling's staff were so professional, they made us feel comfortable by allowing us to ask questions about what they had to offer and how it works. We are so pleased with our new system. It is a pleasure to come home to a cool house. I will always recommend Ireland to anyone thatis interested in a quality product. I admire their staff for their professionalism in handling my situation. I would like to thank their staff for a job well done.

Denise K. (XL14i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

I was very impressed with the entire experience, from the first contact with Ireland Heating & Cooling to the last sign off and their concern if I had any future questions. This was perhaps one of the most pleasant of a potentially less than pleasant experience in my home updating and repair. I have recommended both the contractor and the TRANE product to others already. (I have a happy-smiley face when I contemplate both summer temperatures and air conditioning bills!)

Catherine O. (XL14i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

I had a pleasant experience with Ireland Heating & Cooling. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The work was done as promised. Technicians arrived at the time specified and finished in less than one day. Everything was left in perfect condition. I am very happy with the work that was done by Ireland and the unit itself.

Brigitte M. (XL16i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

Ireland's always responded to calls quickly even before I had a service agreement. They respond quickly and at scheduled times without fail. I trust them to do the maintenance and any repair work needed.

Carolyn V. (Service Client)

Thus far my experiences with Ireland Heating and Cooling have been excellent. Their office staff is friendly, their service personnel are courteous, and the work is done right the first time.

Ruth S. (Comfort Club Member)

Very knowledgeable technicians, friendly, neat, and pleasure to do business with.

Mary C. (Service Client)

I have used Ireland Heating and Cooling for as long as I have lived in this house (19 1/2 years), so obviously I am pleased with their service.

Martha L. (Comfort Club Member)

Very good at arranging bi-annual servicing.

Randall B. (Comfort Club Member)

Excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient technicians. I am very satisfied and will use you guys in the future.

Bruce C. (Service Client)

Ireland Heating and Cooling was extremely professional, they told us everything up front. When it came time for the installation there were no suprises, what a relief!! We had another dealer come out and he said nothing about the rebates and therefore lost our business.

Mike H. (XL14i Heat Pump and Variable Speed)

I have used Ireland Heating and Cooling for 20 years and have been treated really well, you guys are outstanding.

Ron D. (Service Client)

You always make us happy. Everytime we have called you everyone has done their job perfectly. We also think TRANE is the best heat pump on the market, we love that it is so quiet and dependable.

Joseph D. (Comfort Club Member)

You showed up when you said you would and your service technician was very friendly and efficient. WOW!

George H. (Service Client)

Your technicians are outstanding in every way, as well as your office staff. I think as far as customer relations goes Ireland Heating and Cooing is probably the very best in this city.

Harvey S. (Comfort Club Member)

Your company is top notch in dealing with its clients--even in emergency situations.

Michael B. (Comfort Club Member)

The service call was spectacular. I want to commend your technician.

Monroe C. (Service Client)

I have a Comfort Club membership where my heating and air conditioning is maintained twice a year. My system seems to run smoothly and efficiently which saves me money in the long run. Your service is always exceptional and your technicians are very courteous and professional.

Deborah S. (Comfort Club Member)

I have had my unit since I bought the house in 1993 andthe folks at Ireland Heating and Cooling have been my service provider ever since. I have a service agreement withthem andthey always do a great job.Theyare flexible so that I don't have to miss work when they come out to service my unit. I realize that eventually this unit will need to be replaced and when it does I will trust the folks at Ireland to recommend the comfort system that I need.

John L. (Comfort Club Member)

Ireland Heating and Cooling has been a forerunner in our area. I am very pleased to have them do my servicing, and am very happy with what they have done.

George E. (Comfort Club Member)

The repairman was outstanding! The best service call/repair I have ever experienced.

Terri R. (Comfort Club Member)

Contact Info
Address:  211 Atcher St. • Radcliff, KY 40160
211 Atcher St.
Radcliff, KY 40160
Payment Options
For Furnace in Radcliff KY, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Vine Grove KY.
We accept cash for Heating repair service provided in Elizabethtown KY.
For Furnace in Radcliff KY, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Vine Grove KY.
We accept cash for Heating repair service provided in Elizabethtown KY.
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Monday:  8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday:  8:00am - 5:00pm
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Monday - Friday:  8:00am - 5:00pm
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Ireland Heating & Cooling, Inc. is a registered builder and remodelor of the home builders association.
Contact Info
Address:  211 Atcher St. • Radcliff, KY 40160
211 Atcher St.
Radcliff, KY 40160
Payment Options
For Furnace in Radcliff KY, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Vine Grove KY.
We accept cash for Heating repair service provided in Elizabethtown KY.
For Furnace in Radcliff KY, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Vine Grove KY.
We accept cash for Heating repair service provided in Elizabethtown KY.
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