I recently chose Ireland Heating & Cooling to install a new system in my home.  My family and I suffered much discomfort from the summer heat when my old cooling system failed.  We decided to get several estimates from different companies.  Ireland Heating & Cooling's staff were so professional, they made us feel comfortable by allowing us to ask questions about what they had to offer and how it works.  We are so pleased with our new system.  It is a pleasure to come home to a cool house.  I will always recommend Ireland to anyone that is interested in a quality product.  I admire their staff for their professionalism in handling my situation.  I would like to thank their staff for a job well done.

Denise K. (XL14i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

Last night and this morning we had a new heat pump, air handler, and duct work replaced.  I wanted to thank Tom and the installation team for some outstanding work!  The job could not have been more difficult, it involved a crawlspace which was damp and dark with generally horrid conditions.  In addition to putting in a great system, Tom gladly accepted, at my wife's request, a "new mission" of exiting to an exterior wall our clothes dryer exhaust.  The install team were each exceptionally polite and knowledgeable, and worked long hours without a break.  Your organization knows its business, and it's evident good people have been hired to carry it out.  Pleae feel free to use our home as reference should a potential future customer ask about past performance.  My wife and I would be happy to talk to them.

Thanks Again, David M., Colonel, US Army (XL14i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

I was very impressed with the entire experience, from the first contact with Ireland Heating & Cooling to the last sign off and their concern if I had any future questions.  This was perhaps one of the most pleasant of a potentially less than pleasant experience in my home updating and repair.  I have recommended both the contractor and the TRANE product to others already.  (I have a happy-smiley face when I contemplate both summer temperatures and air conditioning bills!)

Catherine O. (XL14i Heat Pump & Variable Speed)

I had a pleasant experience with Ireland Heating & Cooling.  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.  The work was done as promised.  Technicians arrived at the time specified and finished in less than one day.  Everything was left in perfect condition.  I am very happy with the work that was done by Ireland and the unit itself.

Brigitte M. (XL16i Heat Pump& Variable Speed)

Our new unit is much quieter than our old system.

Don B. (XR12 Heat Pump)

Dear Mr. Bibb:

I would have to praise you and your organization, Ireland Heating & Cooling, for the great experience my family and I received while purchasing our new system.  I admit that it was the first time we had to make a purchase of this kind, but we were very pleased with the way you and your company treated us.

First you stopped by the house and evaluated our situation and gave us several options with an explanation and your recommendation.  Once we selected the sytem that better suited our house, we decided on the date of installation.  That date was soon, within the next two weeks.  Two installers showed up that morning with all the parts and ready to install it.  I was very pleased with the work they did.  They were done early, but what suprised me the most was to see you stop by to check and make sure everything was going  according to plan, that made me feel even better.

Since our new system was installed last August we had part of summer, fall, winter, and finally spring.  And let me tell you what a change it has been.  First, we did not notice much of a change until we start putting into practice some of the things you and your technicians told us about the thermostat settings.  Once we got the hang of it, it was like a jackpot.  Our household electric bill for winter was usually around $120 to $150 per month, not this last year.  I could not believe it when my wife showed me the winter months electric bills.  Our highest one was only $85.00, but most of them were only $80 or $82. 

Now, the house is always comfortable and the electric bills are down.  Most of all, I really enjoy you checking on us from time to time to make sure everything is working accordingly.  Thank you very much for the friendly and expert service everyone in your organization provided to us and the great savings your product has given us.  I would recommend your company and product to anyone that is in the market for a new heatpump and air conditioning unit.

Sincerely yours,

Joe P., Satisfied Client

We would like to take a moment to thank the employees of Ireland Heating and Cooling for the professional job they accomplished in installing our new TRANE XL1400 system.  Special thanks to Mr. Bibb, for helping us choose the correct system for our needs; Carolyn, for all the paperwork she had to do, and the installers who worked so diligently to install the system in such a timely fashion.

We started our adventure in replacing our heating and cooling system a couple of years ago.  Mr. Bibb, an experienced comfort consultant with Ireland Heating and Cooling, is very knowledgeable about the systems and listened to the needs of my family.  Since it took two years for us to commit on a system, I can say without a doubt that we were not pressured into any kind of a sale.  Instead, Ireland Heating & Cooling was patient and each time that we called with questions (which was a lot) they remembered what we had talked about and was ready with information and options to help us.  When we finally decided to buy our Trane system, Mr. Bibb went right to work on scheduling the installation.  Within a few days, Ireland was ready to install the new system.  They arrived promptly on the day scheduled and completed the installation on time as promised.

Dana K.

Ireland Heating and Cooling installed a dual-fuel system in my home in mid October of 2004.  Since the installation my electric and gas bills have gone down considerably.  The savings in January alone was approximately $60.00.  Mr. Bibb along with the technicians were very helpful and courteous in all aspects.  My husband and I are very pleased and would recommend Ireland to everyone we know.


Cheryl G. (XV80 Gas Furnace & XL13i Heat Pump)

I have dealt with Ireland Heating and Cooling for the past 25 years and have had nothing but the best of service and treatment.  I consider members of the staff to be good friends.  My service technician, David keeps my heating & cooling system in tip-top working condition.  If I have any need for assistance, they are there when I call.  I have found a winner with Ireland Heating and Cooling.

Elmer D. (Service Client)

This was my first business with Ireland Heating and Cooing in Radcliff, KY and a TRANE dealer.  Their consultant, Tom, gave an excellent presentation.  He was very knowledgeable, showed concern, not pushy, and I felt very comfortable with him.  All the employees were very professional and courteous, including the installers.

Charlie W. (XV80 Gas Furnace & XL14i Heat Pump)

Very fine job all around very happy.

Garrett R. (XL13i Heat Pump and Variable Speed)

Ireland's always responded to calls quickly even before I had a service agreement.  They respond quickly and at scheduled times without fail.  I trust them to do the maintenance and any repair work needed.

Carolyn V. (Service Client)

Thus far my experiences with Ireland Heating and Cooling have been excellent.  Their office staff is friendly, their service personnel are courteous, and the work is done right the first time.

Ruth S. (Comfort Club Memeber)

Very knowledgeable technicians, friendly, neat, and pleasure to do business with.

Mary C. (Service Client)

I have used Ireland Heating and Cooling for as long as I have lived in this house (19 1/2 years), so obviously I am pleased with their service.

Martha L. (Comfort Club Member)

Very good at arranging bi-annual servicing.

Randall B. (Comfort Club Member)

Ireland Heating and Cooling informed us that our service is good till 5-05 and we have a 10 year warranty.  Irealand Heating and Cooling is very prompt about returning our calls.  We are very pleased wtih the service personnel and their technical knowledge of the TRANE equipment.

Ron K. (Comfort Club Member)

Excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient technicians.  I am very satisfied and will use you guys in the future.

Bruce C. (Service Client)

I am very satisfied with the equipment.  The representative was very courteous and the installation crew was very professional.  They got the job done quickly and the house looked better after they left than when they arrived.

William O. (XR12 Heat Pump)

Ireland Heating and Cooling was extremely professional, they told us everything up front.  When it came time for the installation there were no suprises, what a relief!!  We had another dealer come out and he said nothing about the rebates and therefore lost our business.

Mike H. (XL14i Heat Pump and Variable Speed)

I have used Ireland Heating and Cooling for 20 years and have been treated really well, you guys are outstanding.

Ron D. (Service Client)

You always make us happy.  Everytime we have called you everyone has done their job perfectly.  We also think TRANE is the best heat pump on the market, we love that it is so quiet and dependable.

Joseph D. (Comfort Club Member)

Very satsified with our new unit.  Our home is cleaner and there is less dust.

Ronald L. (XL13i Heat Pump)

You showed up when you said you would and your service technician was very friendly and efficient.  WOW!

George H. (Service Client)

I am very satisfied.  They explained everything to me.  Record time on installation when we had no heat.

Robert S. (XR12 Heat Pump)

Your technicians are outstanding in every way, as well as your office staff.  I think as far as customer relations goes Ireland Heating and Cooing is probably the very best in this city.

Harvey S. (Comfort Club Member)

Your company is top notch in dealing with its clients--even in emergency situations.

Michael B. (Comfort Club Memeber)

The service call was spectacular.  I want to commend your technician.

Monroe C. (Service Client)


I have a Comfort Club membership where my heating and air conditioning is maintained twice a year.  My system seems to run smoothly and efficiently which saves me money in the long run.  Your service is always exceptional and your technicians are very courteous and professional.

Deborah S. (Comfort Club Member)

David, your technician explained everything he was checking and servicing.  He was very friendly, both courteous and knowledgeable.  Debbie called to confirm the appointment and the time of arrival.  Both are a great asset to the Ireland family, they should be commended on their excellent customer service attitude.

Lana B. (Service Client)

Good honest people to work with.  Good dependable equipment and a fair price.

Janice D. (XL13i Heat Pump and Variable Speed)

I have had my unit since I bought the house in 1993 and the folks at Ireland Heating and Cooling have been my service provider ever since.  I have a service agreement with them and they always do a great job.  They are flexible so that I don't have to miss work when they come out to service my unit.  I realize that eventually this unit will need to be replaced and when it does I will trust the folks at Ireland to recommend the comfort system that I need.

John L.  (Comfort Club Member)

Ireland Heating and Cooling has been a forerunner in our area.  I am very pleased to have them do my servicing, and am very happy with what they have done.

George E. (Comfort Club Member)

The repairman was outstanding!  The best service call/repair I have ever experienced.

Terri R. (Comfort Club Member)